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Steffen Sidiropoulos

At the age of eight, I came across the legendary solos of Brian May in the “Queen” CD collection of my father. I was so fascinated that I picked up the solos on a cassette from all songs and listened to them again and again. My mother finally applied for me to have guitar lessons. In my twenties I have played in various jazz and rock bands and have toured throughout Europe with my bands “GoRampage” and “Zoetrope”. I was part of the Symphony Reutlingen performing “Concerto in Pop” by Friedrich Zehm. I studied music in Frankfurt / Germany and I have a recognized degree as a state-certified musician and instrumental music teacher from Germany. (2006-2011) I give lessons to students of all types: beginners and advanced players at all ages. I have been teaching all kinds of rock, classical music, jazz, pop and other genres for over 12 years. In my classes, I like to promote the personal abilities of my students. All students are different, once a student has discovered the fun of music, the teacher becomes a person to support, a professional adviser. The student then usually finds his own way and the music will probably accompany him forever throughout life.

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