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My mission is to support and nurture students’ passion for music through hard working. Fostering independence and encouraging expressive performance is always my main focus. I have been committed to the important role of independent piano studio. 

Prospective student’s profile:

Previous musical education: *

Contents could include answers of the following questions: 

  1. Has he or she taken piano lessons before? If Yes. 

  2. When did he or she start to learn piano? 

  3. How much does he or she enjoy piano or music in general? 

  4. Has he or she won any awards in any music competitions before? What is his or her RCM exam level? 

Your vision for future: *

  1. How do you know Ms Wang? 

  2. What goals do you expect your child to achieve in piano performing?

  3. How many lessons do you expect your child to take each week?

  4. Are you interested in taking RCM exams/participating in public performance or piano competitions?

Thanks for submitting!

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