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Eun-Jung Lee

Updated: May 22

Pianist Eun Jung Lee, known as Vicky, received Bachelor of Music from Eastman School of Music,

Master of Music, Graduate Diploma from New England Conservatory in piano performance and Ph.D.

from Sejong University in Musicology, piano pedagogy. She has given solo recitals at Carnegie Hall,

Berliner Philharmoniker, Seoul Arts Center, Kilbourn Hall, Williams Hall and has performed in

chamber hall at Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, in IBK Hall at Seoul Arts Center, in Grand Hall

at In-Cheon Culture and Arts Center, Kum Ho Art Hall, Kay Meek theatre, Michale J. Fox Theatre,

Shadbolt Center for the Arts, Teatro Casino in Spain, Arko Arts Theater, Bu Am Art Hall and Il- Shin

Hall. She has also appeared with Seoul Symphony Orchestra and In-Cheon Philharmonic Orchestra.

She studied piano with Jin-Woo Jung, Gyo-Sil Kang, Edward Parker, Winfried Romph, Kum-Sing Lee,

Barry Snyder, Oxana Yablonskaya, Wha-Kyung Byun, Gwi-hyeon Kim and Jae-Hee Hyun. She was a

faculty of the Piano Department at Su Won University and Sejong Conservatory in Korea.

Gold medalist from Korean Times Press, Grand prize winner of 17 th New Musician of the Year by

Journal of Music Press, Korea, she has won and awarded in many competitions by Burnaby Clef

Society, British Columbia Conservatory, CDMF Performing Arts. She was a recipient of Charles W.

Kennet Scholarship, Howard Hansen Scholarship from Eastman School of Music, Ward Music Ltd.

Scholarship, full scholarship from Seoul National University where she finished all academic courses

for Ph.D. in piano performance, Sejong University scholarship and received an award by Surrey

Mayor, BC. Here is some of the review by New York Concert Review Inc. on her performance.

‘Rachmaninoff’s Preludes Op. 32. We heard No. 10 in B minor and No. 12 in G-sharp

minor, both beautifully played and highlights of the evening. Ms. Lee gave the B minor

Prelude the perfect feeling of solemnity, and one relished each moment of the glorious

build. Moving on to the G-sharp minor Prelude, she played with crystalline clarity in the

right-hand patterns, and a penetrating tone in the left-hand melody. Here one heard the

command and artistic liberty which can take an audience on a truly memorable journey.

These pieces fit the pianist like a glove. Ms. Lee closed her program with

Liszt’s Réminiscences de Norma (Bellini) by Franz Liszt, a virtuoso tour de force.

...etc..Ms. Lee came so close to conveying these qualities that one can only hope that she

will continue to play the piece for years to come. It will surely become a signature

triumph. Meanwhile, it was certainly a high voltage ending to what was an excellent

introduction to this New York audience.’

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