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Steinway Young Artist Designation

I would like to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for the honour of being selected to be a Young Steinway Artist, also, the first female Chinese Young Steinway Artist. My deepest appreciate goes to Steinway and Tom Lee Music for nominating me and I shall forever remain grateful for the recognition I have received. Although this is a personal recognition, it is and will always remain as a result of delicate teamwork, involving hardworking staff in both Steinway and Tom Lee Music.

This special recognition represents the highest standards that a pianist could achieve. It was a great honour to join the Steinway Artist family and be recognized among many excellent pianists who stand out in their professional career.

However, this recognitions means more than that to me. I do not come from a music family, and neither of my parents played any instruments. Fortunately, I was gifted to start my musical journey with a Steinway piano. Steinway accompanies me for years, it is my friend and my teacher. It brought me colorfulness and enlightened my childhood.

Today’s ceremony is meaningful and special, it recognizes all the efforts and dedication I put in my musical career these years. Today’s ceremony also connected Steinway and me closer since last year when my private music school, QW Piano Academy has been recognized as a “Steinway Selected Studio”. Having the support from the world best piano maker, I went further and further as a concert artist and educator.

My academy will be expanded and relocated this year, it will be upscaled greatly and more students will join us soon. I am grateful that everyone of my students will have the opportunity to know how musical a piano could be, and how much joy and colorfulness music could bring to their life.

Thank you again. Steinway, every step of the way.

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