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Yen-Han Chen, a native of Taiwan, graduated from National University

of Tainan with a Bachelor of Music and completed a primary education

teacher training program, where he majored in both clarinet and piano

performance, as well as primary education. During his undergraduate

studies, Yen-Han served as a private tutor in Tainan, teaching

clarinet, piano, music theory, and ear training, and also worked as a

substitute teacher in various elementary schools in the arts and

humanities fields. Subsequently, he traveled to Canada to pursue a

Master of Music degree in clarinet performance at the University of

British Columbia, and during the summer of 2022, he held a position at

the National Academy Orchestra in Ontario. While at UBC, Yen-Han also

served as a piano accompanist for his classmates' exams, and taught

clarinet, piano, music theory, and early childhood music classes at

the Mastery School of Music and Harmony and Melody School of Music.

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