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Sho Mang Kim

Graduate of Vancouver Academy of Music, Sho Mang Kim has started his violin studies at the age of 9 in Korea. In Canada, he has received his bachelor’s degree studying under Robert Rozek. He has been working as a concertmaster of orchestras and was leading chamber ensemble such as piano trio, piano quintet, and string quartets. He was working as an associate member of Ottawa Symphony Orchestra and performed on various occasions. Also as a soloist, he has soloed with orchestra from Baroque period music to Modern. His passion of music did not stop on only violin but also worked on viola as well as conducting. He was mainly performing viola in string quartet with his colleagues sharing his ideas and thoughts and he also conducted orchestras and small ensembles. He has attended in music camps and festivals and there, he had chance to study with Rudolf Koelman, the last student of Jascha Heifetz. Sho Mang studied under Yehonatan Berick at University of Ottawa for master’s degree.


▽ Associate member of Ottawa symphony Orchestra 2013-2015

▽ Concertmaster of Stradivari Ensemble 2011-2012

▽ Concertmaster of Vancouver Academy Symphony Orchestra 2011

▽ Second Principle of Stradivari Ensemble 2010

▽ Second Principle of VASO 2008-2010

▽ Concertmaster of Academy Opera Orchestra 2012

▽ Second Principle of Academy Opera Orchestra 2011

▽ Conducted Mozart Violin Concerto No.3 in G major 2012

▽Conducted Vivaldi Four Season Winter 2011

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