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Sandy Wang

Taiwanese pianist Sandy Wang is the winner of the Taiwan National Music

Competition in 2014. Sandy has been performing as a solo pianist as well as a collaborative

pianist in numerous venues across the United States, Canada, and Taiwan. She has held solo

recitals in Greenfield Hall and Mikowsky Recital Hall in New York, Britton Recital Hall in

Michigan, and Roy Barnett Hall in Vancouver. She was invited to perform in Ambassador

Performing a series of concerts and Barness Recitals in Florida. She also held chamber

concerts in Bloomfield Township Library in Michigan and Roy Barnett Hall and Tapestry in

Vancouver. As a virtuoso pianist, she focuses on various periods of piano repertoire,

including works by the three Bs of classical musicians: Bach, Beethoven, and Brahms, as

well as twentieth-century composers like Alexander Scriabin and Samuel Barber. Her ten

years of experience as a flutist have helped her become a profound Chamber Musician as

well. Sandy studied at Manhattan School of Music in New York for her Bachelor of Music

degree with Dr. Joanne Polk and received her Dual Master's degree in Piano Performance and

Piano Chamber music at the University of Michigan under the tutelage of Dr. Arthur Greene.

She is currently pursuing her Doctor of Musical Arts degree at the University of British

Columbia under Professor Mark Anderson.

Sandy is enthusiastic about teaching and music education. She has volunteered to

teach at non-profit organizations and summer music camps in Taiwan. She has worked as an

accompanist at Manhattan School of Music and University of Michigan. She is currently

working as a teaching assistant at the University of British Columbia. She has taught students

of all ages and grade levels with diverse genres of music for eight years. Her goal is to spread

the pleasures of music to young musicians with a patient and energetic approach.

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