advice for you on pianos for sale and which ones will suit you best

The end use of the Yamaha silent piano will determine the type of piano to get. For example, for beginners a good piano with quality sound is required in order to attract them. There are different type of piano, they are classified based on their height. There are Upright pianos, spinets, console, studios and full size

· Upright pianos are 5 feet wide and 2 feet deep.

· Spinets – its help you in economizing your budget and space. Spinets are perfect piano for starters. Spinets are 36-40” tall.

· Consoles –it is compact and provide a more robust sound than most spinets. It is 40-44” tall.

· Studios – it is commonly found in schools and studios. They are typical upright and are most suited to a dedicated player. Studios are 45-48” tall.

· Full-size – it is known for their unique sound and lovely craftsmanship it is49-56”tall.

From the various type of kawai grand piano it is advised you choose the one that suit your desire.